Sunday, February 20, 2005

Compressed FileSystem(CFS)

I have been thinking /willing of a Compressed File system which can work similar to MP3 mechanism(i am not 100% aware of Mp3 mechanism but heard that it decompresses the file during playing and then it compresses again) ..

what I mean to say that,that Applications are deployed in compressed format(say have extension .cmp) on User machines,i am not talkig about Zipping the EXEs or MSI stuff in Zipped format..what i mean that instead of making simple MSIs or Setup Exes who get extracted on client machine during installation, the Compressed program gets installed on client machine with a shortcut link on Desktop or in start menu,the link will point to .cmp file which will initially opene the Header section or Base system section for the user (it could be a GUI or a Command line application..whatever)the base system system will have all necessary options which are part of that system.Whenever user selects some particular option of the system the files(dlls or whatever) of that particular section will get loaded only,and when the user closes that particular section,e.g Form Dialog)the files will get decompressed again)

Well will be wondering how come a single Compressed file could do all this?well i think that associated DLLs or exes could be loaded in memory to perform required tasks,it involves temporary Assembly registration in GAC and Registry,we could add references of all files who are packaged in .cmp format in Registry,so that they can be refer during uncompression of required files..

once the dialog form is unloaded,the files will also get removed from hardisks and from registry as well as memory..

these are just crazy thoughs..not sure how it could be done..what i know its not impossible,maybe we cant achieve 100% results but i think 70% could be achieved and 100% if filesystem itseld supports the mechanism,custom mechanism might not get so much success