Sunday, October 02, 2011

MySQL to JSON on Github

This morning I tried to fiddle with Git, a version control system by Linus Trovals. Github is a social coding website which has definitely beaten sourceforge.

For long time I had been thinking to test it out and transfer my only open source contribution, MySQL2Json, a PHP class to convert mysql resultset into JSON. The class actually released in 2006. At that time there was no built-in support of JSON encoding in PHP.

Lots of people who used it asked me to move it to Github but I was not getting time to focus on it. This morning I finally did it. The URL of the code is given below:

I am not so good at Licensing thing. The prior code released under PHP License. If it allows you to contribute then do it otherwise let me know. So make a fork and improve it, fix it if necessary.

Happy coding.